Concrete pumping service

Concrete pump hire is a division of BIT Group, which was born out of the need of concrete pumping services on our concrete slabs services.

With different needs per customer and with the job size, we endevour to do on average 2 small to medium jobs, and or single large job per pump per day depending on the geographical distance between sites. We determine the size of the pump to send to any given site mainly based on the information supplied by the client on quotation. We strive to give all customers the best on all sites, whether big or small the same best concrete pumping  service is given. Issues arising on site that are potential delays for the pumps are for example: Site not ready; incorrect concrete quantities ordered, putting stress on both the supplying plant and the timeframe scheduled by us to complete the casting; not enough laborers on site to level the concrete pumped, to mention a few. These challeges sometimes are delt with on site with the operators and the offices concerned,  to continue pumping and cut the delays.

With offices in Gauteng and Polokwane we find ourselves covering even the remote areas of the provinces, long term contracts in the mines or road construction companies,  and sometimes servicing the neighbouring countries like Botswana, Mozabique, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.